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Ongoing  energy spent creating my life

But insecurity made me hide, causing me strife

It’s like a roller coaster struggling up to who knows where

I was hiding my inner resources, use them? I didn’t dare.

I reached the top anyway, finding accomplishment and relief

But I was diagnosed with cancer, shattered beyond belief

The roller coaster is spiraling downward and I don’t know what to do

Doctors say chemotherapy, more treatment then I will be through

I am in remission, top of the roller coaster one more

Too scared to enjoy it— life, What’s it all for?

But cancer is like ripping off a band aid in one quick move

Underneath are feelings and desires that need to find their groove

A host of feelings are expressed, a need I do not lack

As now there’s a recurrence and the roller coaster is out of whack

The good thing about cancer is that my feelings have found a voice

I wish it were easier but I didn’t have a choice

The roller coaster climbs up, clinical trial and remission once more

Looking for wellness again, but not like before

Everything is temporary and life can be hard

But I seek peace and comfort, as I’m dealt another card