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My Life With Cancer

My Life With Cancer

Cancer sucks, but it’s part of my life,

It’s always on my mind and it causes me strife.

My stomach is upside down and I have to watch what I eat,

And I get so tired from my eyebrows to my feet.

I’m in remission now but it may not be for long,

Different things are growing, lumps that don’t belong.

I’ve been living with cancer for 4 long years,

And It’s getting kind of tedious but it’s lessening my fears.

I’m anticipating another recurrence and that makes me worry,

But there’ll be another pill, or trial so relax, there is no hurry.

There is some peace in knowing that I am doing my best,

I’m looking for quality of life, I am looking for zest.

I don’t even know if the lumps I feel are cancer,

But I know I’ll be anxious regardless of the answer.

So, I continue to go forward, and people think I’m strong,

But I want to get to the finish line even if the journey is long.