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I imagine a circle of love and support surrounding me all the time,

with a loving energetic connection flowing between us, reaching our souls,

where we all feel nurtured, understood and with a sense of belonging.

I imagine this circle of support is on both a spiritual and physical plane, a place where I can call home.

I imagine the circle providing acceptance for who I am. I am listened to, my needs acknowledged without someone telling me what I should or shouldn’t do.

I imagine my supporters acknowledging my non-traditional lifestyle.

There is no need to explain that a family-oriented lifestyle is only one way of living with love and purpose.

I imagine all emotions, expressed or not, as being acceptable

The lack of anger is not a deficit.

Instead, it feels like resistance to things I cannot control.

I prefer acceptance.

I get overwhelmed and sad when unfortunate things happen. That seems to be happening a lot lately.

I get scared but plod along anyway, bravely trying my best to face obstacles.

I imagine the grief pouring out of me, tears falling and replenishing the earth below me.

New growth evolves as a result of my shedded tears.

I imagine a constant flow of sadness, grief, stagnation, movement, and peace.

I imagine a vibrant energy of belonging to a larger eternal source enabling me to live fully here and now, till it’s time to go to the next realm of existence.

I imagine unconditional love and comfort in knowing that we are all in this together.