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It’s unusually warm outside but I’m still very cold.
One of the downfalls of getting so old.

I was always so healthy, as to how I can’t answer
But now I am fighting my second round of cancer
My days of health have come to an end
And now my legs are hard to bend.

My first round of cancer left me with IBS
My stomach is upside down and it’s really quite a mess.
Each day I ask, “Did I poop today?” How much and how little?
I miss the days when I was as fit as a fiddle.

But fate has handed me a new situation in life.
The myth of the golden years has given me strife
My new treatment for cancer will consist of clinical trials.
Not sure how far I’ll get — feet, years, or miles.

I am bravely walking along this brand new path
And I want to do so gracefully without bitter wrath
What holds me back is that I am just so mad
I feel guilty and responsible though this fallacy is bad.

I am however grateful for all the lives that I have touched
My successes and failures will not be hushed.
It all has meaning no matter how sad.
I lived a full life and for that I am glad.

But I am not yet finished, I have more to go
The ups and downs are forever a flow.